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FLOYD WICKMAN'S Letters to Linda
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The tale of two men from different generations, whose search for redemption brings their lives together. 

Letters to Linda is the tale of two men from different generations, whose search for redemption brings their lives together.  Floyd is an old man whose only company is his faithful Labrador, Boomer and the trophies that represent the tangible trappings of his worldly success.  In the twightlight of his life, he realizes that wealth has lost its' importance, the accomplishments their comfort, and fame its' virtue.  Instead, he is left with only an aged cigar box to contemplate the true value of his existance.  The dusty box contians twenty letters to his wife, Linda, each one scaled and unopened since the day it was written.  Over forty years, the letters detail the most intimate account of their life together.  For the first time in decades, he finds the courage to open the letters and uncover the answers to the questions that haunt him.  When a mysterious young man appears on his porch, Floyd is happy for the unexpected company.  Stirred to understand the problems that plague his new friend. Floyd offers to share the story of his life as accounted within the letters.  Floyd summons the strength to bare his past, the triumphs and the tragedies, in hopes that the stories written on the aged pages might somehow touch the troubled young stranger.  And in so doing, perhaps Floyd might finally find his own salvation.  

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Customer Review

Inside Story
Gripping story of Floyd's rise to success...felt like I was getting "behind the scenes" access.  A must read.
By : Anonymous

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